Art Escapades Summer Series

The best way to view art is in person: getting in front of a painting so you can see the actual texture of the paint, moving around a sculpture so you can view it from every angle, or even in a studio watching the art as its being created. These trips will bring you up close and personal with famous artworks and with brand new artworks! All trips are preceded by a lecture to provide context for the art that will be seen. Lectures and trips take place 10am-12pm. To register please contact

  • 6/12/17 Columbia campus lecture-Collecting art
  • 6/13/17 Montgomery County campus lecture-Collecting art
  • 6/14/17 trip-Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, no entry fee
  • 6/15/17 Columbia lecture-Survey of African American art history
  • 6/16/17 MoCo lecture-Survey of African American art history
  • 6/19/17 trip-National Museum of African American History and Culture, no entry fee but timed ticket entry
  • 6/20/17 Columbia lecture - Recent trends in the Balt/DC art scene
  • 6/21/17 MoCo lecture- Trends in contemporary art - the Balt/DC art scene
  • 6/22/17 trip-Motor House Baltimore, no entry charge
  • 6/23/17 Columbia lecture-The Art of War
  • 6/26/17 MoCo lecture- The Art of War
  • 6/27/17 trip-Portrait Gallery, DC-War Portraits, no entry fee
  • 6/28/17 Columbia lecture-Contemporary Artists
  • 6/29/17 MoCo lecture - Contemporary Artists
  • 6/30/18 trip-Horse Spirit Gallery, Ellicott City, no entry fee