Art: Out and About

The best way to view art is in person: getting in front of a painting so you can see the actual texture of the paint, moving around a sculpture so you can view it from every angle, or even in a studio watching the art as its being created. These trips will bring you up close and personal with famous artworks and with brand new artworks! Students will meet the instructor at museums, galleries, art centers and studios within the Columbia/Baltimore/DC area and introductory presentations will be given to prepare for the visits which will take place 10:00am-11:45am. Students will pay for the individual trips and provide their own transportation. The fee for the trip includes the speaking fee and the planning and preparation for the trip. Destinations include Kreeger Art Museum, American Visionary Art Museum, National Gallery of Art, Hirshhorn Museum, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore Museum of Art, Glenstone, and more.

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