Behind the Scenes: A Historical Study of Art Techniques

Have you ever looked at a painting in a museum and thought, "I could do that" or wondered how a fresco is different from a mural or how the Renaissance artists created paintings with such depth? Is Pollock's splatter painting easy? How did Expressionists create paintings? What is the science behind pointillism? How long do paintings take to create? What are glazes? What is underpainting? Throughout history artists have experimented with numerous mediums and tools. They've invented processes, successfully and not so successfully. Some artists have become known for the manner in which they create as much as for their creations. All this and more will be explored in this course which explains the ways that artists throughout history have used their mediums. It's a "behind the scenes" look at the production side of art. We'll "pull the curtain" back and learn how the magic is done.