Introduction to Digital Photography

These lessons provide a hands-on opportunity to learn how to use your camera in a more
effective manner to create better photos. At the end of the lessons, you should no longer need
to take photographs using any automatic settings. The class covers the basics of digital
photography. Topics include: camera controls, photographic composition and lighting. The class
includes practical applications of the photographic techniques that the students are
expected to practice outside of class. Common accessories such as a flash
and tripod will be covered. In addition, the instructor will provide students with advice as to choices of
equipment and software for each individual's goals in photography and recommendations on
camera purchases or upgrades.
Students are required to have an adjustable interchangeable lens digital camera either DSLR,
mirrorless or compact with a 4/3, M4/3, APS-C or Full Frame sensor. Students will be expected
to bring their camera with instruction book to each lesson.
The lessons consist of three meetings that are each 1 1/2 hours long for a total of 4 ½ hours of
instruction. The first two lessons will take place at a mutually agreed upon place and time (usually at Starbucks or Panera Bread). At
the end of the first lesson, the next lesson will be scheduled. The third lesson will be a
photo walk in Fells Point or another outdoor location. In case of bad weather, the photo walk will
be rescheduled by the instructor. Cost for this combination as a private lesson (one student) is
$195. Before lessons are confirmed, the student must supply the make and model of the camera they
will be using.