Advanced Digital Photography

This class is for students who have completed at least 2 two-hour sessions of an introductory
digital photography course. Students are to be proficient in making the following adjustments
on their camera: shooting mode, metering mode, speed, aperture, ISO, control of depth of
field, and correct exposure.
The focus here is on field work to allow the students to apply what was learned in previous
sessions to the type of photography they wish to pursue. Field work will be customized to the
interests of the students (i.e. photographing children, landscapes, HDR, panorama, animals,
etc). The lessons consist of two meetings of 1 1/2 hours long each for a total of 3 hours of instruction. The
two lessons will take place at a mutually agreed upon place and time. The second lesson will be scheduled at the end of the first lesson. The cost for the two lessons is $185 total.  Students are required to have an adjustable interchangeable lens digital camera either DSLR,
mirrorless or compact with a 4/3, M4/3, APS-C or Full Frame sensor. Before lessons are confirmed, the student must supply the make and model of the camera they
will be using and specific area of interest. Students are also required to submit three original JPEG photos to be assessed for proficiency.